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List of R.T.I. Officer in Medical, Health & F.W. Deptt.   on dated 11-09-2014  
Instruction to 2001 Selected Medical Officers in PMHS for their posting on Dated 04-09-2014   1
List of 2001 (Male/Female) Doctors Selected for Medical Officers in PMHS on Dated 26-7-2014   1
G.O's for Medicine Purchase through  "Drugs  Procurement & Inventory Control  System" Software   on dated 12-08-20144  
RFWTC Lucknow Tender Notice for supply of food & food items   Nivida   FinancialBid     
List of 1905 PMHS Medical Officers Promoted From Level-1 To Level-2 on Dated 19-8-2014   1    2     3      4      5
List of Medical & Para-Medical Staff to relieve on Deputation for Huz-2014  on dated 14-08-2014  
Guidelines for Drugs Inventory & Supply Chain Management System Software   
Post Sanctioned (H.R.)  for 100 bed Combined Hosp. Sadhamau (B.K.T.)Lucknow  on dated 07-08-2014  
■; Guidelines to work on Drug Procurement & Inventory Control System
Promotion  Orders of L6 (Director) Medical Officers   on dated 24-07-2014  
Guidelines & Examination Proforma for medico legal cases of victims of Sexual Vilonce  on dated 08-07-2014        Guidelines of GOI
Implementation of Family Planning Indemnity Scheme in State   on dated 03-07-2014
Disciplinary action against Abscond Doctors  on dated 19-06-2014
 Update Eligible Doctors List  from PMHS cadre in UPPGMEE-2014 for Counseling    page1,page2,page3,
Medical Treatment by 100% Govt. Budget of patients injured by Acid attack on dated 23-05-2014
Guidelines of  Forensic Medical Care For Victims of Sexual Assault   on dated 25-04-2014    &    Copy of DHR
Free Health Facialities::  

Free X-Ray &Pathological test for patient in Govt.Hosp.

Immunization of Pregnant women.

Dirstribution of Iron & Folic Acid Tablet to pregnant women.
Safe delivery
Post delivery care of mother & child
Immunization of children
Treatment of Acute Respiratory Infection & Diarrhea in children
Distribution of Contraceptives
Intra ocular Lens Implant & Cataract operation
Family Planning information dissemination
AIDS Awareness
Tuberculosis  & Leprosy treatment
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