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E Tender Notice & Information of Medical,Health&FW Deptt.                                         Govt of U.P.
State Supervisery Board U.P. for  P.C.P.N.D.T Act- 1994                                  on Dated 18-10-177
List of Extension of Retired Specialist M.O.                                                                      on dated 06-10-17 
Regarding Senty.List  of PMHS MOs Those Appointed upto 2014                                  on Dated 21-09-17
List of Specialist&MBBS M.O. Seclected on Contractual Basis on dated 18-09-2017                   2   
List of Re-appmt&Extension of Retired Specialist&MBBS  M.O.on dated 08-09-2017               2       3 
Implementation of Conditional Maternity benefit Programme under PMMVY               on Dated 06-09-17
List & Date of MOs. for Walk in Interview on Contract  Basis appointment                   on dated 05-09-17
Notice for Reappointment of Retd.Specilist PMHS MOs.                                                  on dated 31-08-17 
Notice for Reappointment (Retd.PMHS MOs.) for Date for document verification       on dated 24-08-17
Online application for Walk-in interviews for Doctors                                                           1
List of Pharmasist-2001 & 2002 Batch for their counceling on date 16-08-2017             1          2          3
■■ Online Application for Reappointment of  Retd. PMHS MOs.Specialist MOs               on Dated 01-08-17
List of 03 Male/Female Doctors Newly Appointed in PMHS M.Os                                 on Dated 31-07-17
Guidelines for Transfer Policy on Manav Sampada for PMHS MOs& Dental Surgn.  on Dated 25-07-17
Duties of MOs&Specilist MO in  Different Hospitals on Roster Basis                          on Dated 25-07-17
Dist.Wise Sanctiond Post of MBBS MOs for Re-Employment&Walk In Interview        on dated 19-07-17
Relieving order Sanction to MOs&Paramedical Staff for Deputation on Huz 2017      on dated 17-07-17
Notification of Retirement Age 62 years of PMHS MOs.                                               on Dated 04-07-17
Governance  of Dickoy Operation (Mukbir Yojana) to Control Sex Ratio                     on Dated 23-06-17
Transfer Policy for Class-III& ClassIV etc. Employee                                                   on Dated 22-06-17
Guidelines for Re-employment of PMHS MOs Through Walk In Interview                  on Dated 22-06-17
PMHS MOs& Dental Surgeon can Apply for Tranfer Request  through                        Manav Sampada
Guidelines for implementation of Tranfer Policy                                                           on Dated 16-06-17
Transfer Policy for PMHS MOs& Dental Surgeon                                                         on Dated 15-06-17
Governance of 102 & 108 Ambulance Services in State                                                 on Dated 14-06-17
Notification of Retirement Age 62 years of PMHS MOs                                               on Dated 31-05-17
Special Vaccination Programme for JES/JE from 25-5-2017 to 11-06-2017               on dated 19-05-17
List of Re-appmt&Extension of Retired Specilist M.O.on dated 05-05-2017                      1               2 
List of  98 L3 Retd. MOs to which given DACP                                                               on dated 28-04-17
Nodel Officer for Monitoring of Dengue & other Epedmic Control                             on dated 28-04-17
Senty. List of 258 PMHS Male/Female Doctors                                                             on dated 27-04-17
Senty List of PMHS Male/Female Doctors (Till 27-4-2017)                                  1       2      3     4     5     6
Modify Confirmation of 3684 Class I&II  PMHS MOs.                                               on Dated 30-03-17
Contractual recruitment for state level positions for UPDPL Procurement Wing    on Dated 27-03-17
Confirmation of 3684 Class I&II  PMHS MOs.                                                           on Dated 27-03-17
Ban  on New Appointment in Health Deptt.                                                                on Dated 25-03-17
Instruction to DG &others HODs for 'Swachhata of Uttar Pradesh'                         on dated 22-03-17    
Instruction to DG &others HODs to 'Staff Day'                                                           on dated 22-03-17  
Senty. List of Nursing Cadre (No.4679) By DG on Dated 20-3-17                                      1             2
Nomination of Registrar & Notifier etc Regarding Birth & Death Notification       on Dated 30-01-17
Instruction to DG/CMO/CMS(M/F) to provide OPD Register&Daily Diary                on dated 20-02-17
Instn. to DG/AD/SIC/CMO/CMS(M/F) to provide the information of Abscond MOs      Dated 09-02-17  
Instn. to DG/AD/SIC/CMO/CMS(M/F) to Compaince of Hon. High Court Order          Dated 08-02-17  
Option for their Posting to Promoted 748 MOs From L3 To L4                                 on Dated 30-01-17
Guidlines to NEET-2017 Qualified PMHS MO. for their N.O.C.                             on dated 19-01-17
List of 516 Male/Female Doctors Newly Appointed in PMHS M.Os                           on Dated 01-01-17
Special ACP to PMHS Cadre                                                                                           on dated 19-12-16  
Cashless Medical Facilities to Govt. Employees & Pensioners as C.G.H.S.                  on Dated 05-12-16
Advmt. for 5628 posts of Health Worker(Female)                                                            on dated 01-12-16
List of 234 Male/Female Doctors Newly Appointed in PMHS                                       on Dated 29-11-16
Instruction toAll DDOs to draw Salery of MOs after update their Daily Diary             on dated 08-11-16
Instruction to PMHS Doctor to update their OPD Register & Daily  Diary                            on dated 05-08 2016
U.P.Clinical Establisments(Registration & Regulation)Rules 2016                                       on dated 11-07-2016
Transfer Policy of Medical,Officers & Employee of  Medical & Health Dept.                     on dated 13-06-2016
  Implementation of Human Resourse Software of Med.& Health Dept.                                on dated  13-06-2016   
Corrigendum for Implementation of Human Resourse Software of Med.& Health Dept.   on dated 03-06-2016
Smt. P. Singh  Nominated as Adviser  in Family Welfare Dept.                                           on dated 03-06-2016
HMIS Health Bulletin From April 2016                                                                                          1     2     3        
Instruction to All.AD/CMO/CMS(M/F)for payment of salery                                                on dated 25-05-2016  
Reminder for Implementation of HRD Software  of All Employee of Medical & Health Dept.      on dated 02-05-2016
Guidelines for Human Resourse Software of All Employee of Med.&Health Dept.   on dated 17-03-2016
Instruction to all CMO to Upload data on MCTS  on-line Portal                        on Dated 26-02-2016
Gudelines to ALL AD/CMO for  Duties of M.Os Posted in CHC/PHC               on dated 23-11-2015
Different G.Os. to M.Os of PMHS for Admission in PG/Dip.Courses                     1         2        3  
Instn. to all DM/CMOs/DIOS/BSA to distribute free Napkeens to Under JSY        on Dated 16-10-2015
Ban on Sales of Loose Cigarittes                                                                        on dated 06-10-2015
Screening Committe to senction the ACP for PMHS Cadre M.Os.                       on Dated 21-09-2015
Free Ultrasound facility to patient in Govt Hospital                                            on dated 01-09-2015
Inst. to ALL CMO/CMS to Implement web based Health Report Card Application S/W  on 27-08-2015
List of Black Listed Firms of CMSD those Inqy. under CBI                                         on dated 21-08-2015
New Guidelinse for ACR                                                                                on dated 11-08-2015
G.O. of Free Pathological Test(Blood Suger) for all patients in Govt.Hospitals      on dated 29-07-2015
Instruction to All AD/SIC/CMO/CMS(M/F) to payment of Suspendend M.O..    on dated 20-07-2015
Adherence & Cure Rates of Tuberculosis in Paper-based Monitoring dated 10-07-2015 1, 2
Member Nominated for State Mental Health Tribunal U.P  on dated            25-05-2015
Two Year Diploma in Child health for PMHS Dr in BRD Gorakhpur Page1, Page2, Page3
Protocol /Guidelines under Medico Legal/Forensic examination of Mahila Samman Kosh Rule
Transfer Policy of M.Os. / Officers/Emplyees For the Year 2015-16             on dated 01-05-2015
Instruction to All AD/SIC/CMO/CMS to update P2 of PMHS Doctors          on dated 27-04-2015
Explenation of CMOs/CMS regarding Daily Dairy on dated 23-4-2015               1       2
List of CHC/ PHC in Rural Areas for PG Admission on Dated 10-4-2015   Page1, Page2, Page3, Page4
■; Guidelines for Vaccnination Regarding Swine Fluo Page1, Page2, Page3
Committee for Rani Laxmi Bai Veerta Award on  Dated 11-02-2015
This is Regarding Nomination for national florence Nightingale nurse award for the year 2015
Free Health Facialities::::::::::::

Free X-Ray &Pathological test for patient in Govt.Hosp.

Immunization of Pregnant women.

Dirstribution of Iron & Folic Acid Tablet to pregnant women.
Safe delivery
Post delivery care of mother & child
Immunization of children
Treatment of Acute Respiratory Infection & Diarrhea in children
Distribution of Contraceptives
Intra ocular Lens Implant & Cataract operation
Family Planning information dissemination
AIDS Awareness
Tuberculosis  & Leprosy treatment
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