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Free Ultrasound facility to patient in Govt Hospital             on dated 01-09-2015
Instn. to ALL CMO/CMS to Implement web based Health Report Card Application S/W  on dated 27-08-2015
Notice to 40 Selected Medical Officers in PMHS for option of their posting on       Dated 24-08-2015
List of Black Listed Firms of CMSD those Inqy. under CBI                                         on dated 21-08-2015
Advertisement notice for Corrigendum & Clarifications for Pathology Tender  Page1   Page2    Page3
New Guidelinse for ACR                                                                                on dated 11-08-2015
Tendor Bid Documents of QC-713 98 Single Body Refrigerated Cadaver Box with Battery Backup for preservation of dead body dated 27-07-2017
Posting List of Newly Appointed Pharmacist on dated                                             31.07.2015
G.O. of Free Pathological Test(Blood Suger) for all patients in Govt.Hospitals      on dated 29-07-2015
Amenmend for Nomination for DCH Course in BRD Medical College GKP to PMHS Doctors        on Dated 27-07-2015
Nomination for DCH Course in BRD Medical College GKP to PMHS Doctors    on Dated 24-07-2015  
Adv. Notice & Bid for Outsourcing of High End Lab services to UPHSSP on dated 23-7-2015 
Instruction to All AD/SIC/CMO/CMS(M/F) to payment of Suspendend M.O..    on dated 20-07-2015
Promotion Order of L5 to L6 PMHS Male Doctor      on dated 11-07-2015
Corrigendum Notice for Civil & Signagages Bid by UPHSSP                   1 & 2
Adherence & Cure Rates of Tuberculosis in Paper-based Monitoring dated 10-07-2015 1, 2
Budget Alloted from UPHSSP dated 23-06-2015
Promotion Order of L4 to L5 PMHS Female Doctors      on dated 06-07-2015
Counsiling for Pharmacist Dated(12-07-2015)
Answer of BHW Examination Dt. 05-07-2015
Download BHW Examination Admid Card Link
HMIS Health Bulletin of April 2015 to May 2015(Year-2015-16)
Press Release for option of 11 Newly selected Doctors in PMHS for their Posting    Dated 15-06-2015  
Corrigendum Notice by UPHSSP for Bids Submittion on Dated               12-06-2015  & 26-04-2015
Posting  order of Newly of L5 M.O. on Dated                                                     10-06-2015
Posting  order of Newly Promoted Directors (L6 M.O.) on Dated                       03-06-2015
List of Male/Female Doctors Appointed in PMHS on Dated 01-06-2015                1      2
Promotion order of L4To L5 PMHS  M.O.  on Dated                                        01-06-2015
Promotion order of Forego of Dr. Rajendra Kumar Singh on Dated                  31-05-2015
Promotion order of L5 To L6 PMHS  M.O.  on Dated                             29-5-2015  & 01-06-2015
Modified List of CHC/ PHC in Rural Areas for PG Admission on Dtd 26-5-2015
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Member Nominated for State Mental Health Tribunal U.P  on dated            25-05-2015
■; Two Year Diploma in Child health for PMHS Dr in BRD Gorakhpur Page1, Page2, Page3
Second Counselling for Deploma holder pharmacist passed in 2000 batch
HMIS Health Bulletin of April 2014 to March2015
Instruction to DG/AD/CMO to Provide information about CHC/PHC for UPPGME on dated 11-05-2015
List of Male/Female Doctors Appointed in PMHS on Dated 11-05-2015                1       2   
List of Male/Female Doctors Appointed in PMHS on Dated 08-05-2015                1       2   
Modified Posting of Newly Appointed  L1 PMHS  Doctors                           on dated 06-05-2015
Protocol /Guidelines under Medico Legal/Forensic examination of Mahila Samman Kosh Rule
Transfer Policy of M.Os. / Officers/Emplyees For the Year 2015-16             on dated 01-05-2015
Instn. to All AD/SIC/CMO/CMS for Senty list of Steno & Store Keeper on 29-04-15     1    2    3
Instruction to All AD/SIC/CMO/CMS to Provide Report for adjustment of L2,L3,L4  27-04-2015
Instruction to All AD/SIC/CMO/CMS to update P2 of PMHS Doctors          on dated 27-04-2015
Explenation of CMOs/CMS regarding Daily Dairy on dated 23-4-2015            1       2
Committee for Counseling in PG Admission of PMHS M.Os.                     on Dated 23-4-2015
List of CHC/ PHC in Rural Areas for PG Admission on Dated 10-4-2015   Page1, Page2, Page3, Page4
Annual Status Report 2015
■; Guidelines on use of Face Masks for Health Care workers  Regarding Swine Flu on dated
■; Guidelines for Vaccnination Regarding Swine Fluo Page1, Page2, Page3
Committee for Rani Laxmi Bai Veerta Award on  Dated 11-02-2015
This is Regarding Nomination for national florence Nightingale nurse award for the year 2015
■; Instruction to AD/CMO/CMS(M/F) for permission to prosecution against charge sheeted Govt. Servent  on    
Free Health Facialities::::::::

Free X-Ray &Pathological test for patient in Govt.Hosp.

Immunization of Pregnant women.

Dirstribution of Iron & Folic Acid Tablet to pregnant women.
Safe delivery
Post delivery care of mother & child
Immunization of children
Treatment of Acute Respiratory Infection & Diarrhea in children
Distribution of Contraceptives
Intra ocular Lens Implant & Cataract operation
Family Planning information dissemination
AIDS Awareness
Tuberculosis  & Leprosy treatment
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