Drug Procurement & Inventory Control System (Guidelines)

  How to Start DPICS Software::
Drug Procurement and Inventory Control System is available at  dghealth.up.nic.in   website.
2. All Drug Procurement related officers/staff/Empanelled Vendors has to obtain userid and password from NIC,UP State Unit,Yojna Bhavan Lucknow.
3. For Obtaining Userid and Password  Connect to dghealth.up.nic.in   and download User Registration Form and Submit it (after filing) to NIC.
4. To start with DPICS Software all Procurement Related Users has to fill opening balance of medicines First.
5. It is not essential to fill Opening Balance of all Medicine in same day, It means users may fill Opening Balance in parts.
6. Users will ensure distribution of all medicines for which Opening Balance has been entered through DPICS Software Otherwise Balance will be disturbed.
7.  For all those medicines which Opening Balance has been entered will be purchased through DPICS Software by creating PO.
8. If any  Medicine purchased by manual system ( receives after entry of its Opening Balance), it will again entered through Opening Balance Entry Option in DPICS.
9. All Medicines Purchased through DPICS Created PO will be received through receive option of DPICS.
  How to Create and Delivered Purchase Order through DPICS Software::
1. Login with Userid and Password.
2. Create Purchase Order by clicking create PO option.
3. Approve and send PO by clicking Approve and Send option.
  How to Receive Medicine for Stock Entry::
1 Login with Userid and Password.  
2. Click on Receive option for receiving of medicines. it will automatically enter medicine in stock book.  
  (User will be able to Receive only those medicines for which  dispatch detail entry is available)  
  How to Enter Dispatch Detail against Empanelled Suppliers ::  
1. Login with Userid and Password.  
2. Click on Dispatch Option to enter dispatch entry.